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The downloadable lesson scenarios below are dedicated to teachers and show the way in which classes on percentages, geometric solids, writing, functions, ecology and plants can be carried out creatively and innovatively. The scenarios are based on the project-based teaching method. The specifics of this method themselves result in the fact that the implementation of any of the available scenarios  develops the competences of learning to learn, social and civic competences, as well as the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. They are included in the 8 key competences, whose constant development is indispensable for personal fulfillment, self-development, personal life and professional life. They are extremely important with regards to the contemporary European labor market.

You can download 6 lesson scenarios, every one of which is available in 3 languages: Polish, English and Italian. All of the scenarios are a perfect tool supporting the development of the 8 key competences which include:

  1. Communication in mother tongue
  2. Communication in foreign language
  3. Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology
  4. Digital competence
  5. Learning to learn
  6. Social and civic competences
  7. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
  8. Cultural awareness and expression

The topic of every scenario is not accidental: they correlate with the chosen professions presented in the “I choose consciously” project, and supplement the materials on the webpage of the project.

Below you will find suggestions as to which lesson scenarios can be used when working with the materials dedicated to a given profession in the “I choose consciously” project.

The profession of a software developer: the “Percentages”, “Geometric solids” and “Functions” scenarios. Accuracy and precision are extremely important in the profession of a software developer, just like in mathematics. The skills of spatial visualization and logical thinking are no less important.

The profession of a bookkeeper: the “Percentages” and “Functions” scenarios. Accuracy and precision are extremely important in the profession of a bookkeeper, just like in mathematics.

The profession of an event manager: the “Percentages”, “Functions”, “Write me” and “Ecology” scenarios. The profession of an event manager is clearly connected with writing and creating. The skills of developing and working on, for example statistics and figures may also be useful. The “Ecology” scenario is dedicated to environmental protection which can easily be linked to the profession of an event manager. Events concerned with environmental protection have been gaining popularity in recent years, and its promotion is extremely important in today’s world.

The profession of an environmental engineer: the “Percentages”, “Geometric solids”, “Functions”,  “Write me”, “Ecology” and “Plants” scenarios. The profession of an environmental engineer is connected with the topic of ecology and plants the most. However, this does not mean that scenarios that are dedicated to mathematics cannot be used when discussing the topic of environmental engineers. Developing statistics or making calculations concerned with, for example the amount of pollutants in the air, or the chemical composition of harmful substances, is included in the job description of an environmental engineer. The skill of visual visualization is also helpful when, for example designing any kind of installation.

You can find more information about the key competences, which are the required in the European labor market, at:

  1. http://yourcompetences.com/en/8-key-competences/
  2. http://keyconet.eun.org/key-competences
  3. https://www.aegee.org/policy-paper-the-importance-of-transversal-skills-and-competences-for-young-people-in-a-modern-europe/