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About project

Today’s job market requires more and more from young people, not only professional qualifications, but also general knowledge and, above all, the ability to learn. Today’s youth needs the knowledge to help them make the right decisions about further education. It aims to prepare young people to develop key competencies, recognize their needs, skills and opportunities in the contemporary education system. It will help them shape their ability to recognize and use personal resources and build their own educational and professional paths.

Involvement of international partners from the UK and Italy will help to develop tools. They will be useful to receivers regardless of their place of residence especially when today’s educational and occupational mobility highly important.

The project “I choose consciously – innovative career path building tools” is an innovative initiative aimed at developing universal multilingual tools. Those materials will directly raise the awareness of students in the development of key areas of core competency relevant to the job market.

Key competences are indispensable for self-realization and personal development, as well as for social inclusion and employment.

We have 8 key competences:

1. Communication in the native language
2. Communication in foreign languages
3. Mathematical competences and basic scientific-technical competencies
4. Computer competencies
5. Ability to learn
6. Social and civil competences
7. Initiative and Entrepreneurship
8. Cultural awareness and expression

As Petre Drucker said:

„The coming time is the time of a mental worker, who in addition to formal education, has the ability to practice knowledge and the habit of continual learning.”

It is therefore worth preparing young people for the challenges of the modern world by developing their skills and competences.