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The “I choose consciously – innovative career path building tools” Erasmus+ project is slowly coming to an end. The main objective of the project was to develop innovative and interdisciplinary multimedia tools in the field of key competences, and to show their application in professional development.

All of the tools  were available on a common educational advisory platform dedicated to school students www.erasmusproject.pl. A collection of educational tools dedicated to students was gathered on the platform, which may also be useful to other target groups (teachers, pedagogues, parents).

A team of experts on content-related matters developed the idea behind the multimedia materials and the advisory platform for students with regards to four key competences, with special emphasis on mathematics and natural sciences, IT subjects, reading and writing skills. The collection includes 6 multimedia educational projects (with special emphasis on mathematics and natural sciences, IT subjects, reading and writing skills) and quizzes.


General results were obtained and developed as a result of the project. All of the products available in three languages (Polish, English and Italian) can be used in partnership countries.


The developed products are useful for recipients regardless of their place of residence, which is extremely important considering today’s educational and occupational mobility.


Description of the carried out tasks:


Project results:


– the development of 6 educational project scenarios in three partnership languages in the scope of developing and strengthening digital competences, including particular skills concerned with professional development (especially with regards to mathematics and natural sciences, IT subjects, reading and writing skills):


  1. Percentages
  2. Geometric solids
  3. Write me
  4. Ecology
  5. Functions
    6. Plants

– the development of innovative digital multimedia tools (educational projects presenting exemplary professions with regards to key competences indispensable to be successful in a given career, such as 1. Software developer, 2. Event manager, 3. Environmental Engineer, 4. Bookkeeper; quizzes available on the advisory platform) – available in three partnership languages and adapted to every country participating in the project;


– the development and launching of the advisory platform in three languages for students.


The impact of the project will not end with its termination. The developed digital educational materials will be available for an indefinite period of time after the implementation of the project, hence the impact of its realization will be noticeable in the future. After ending the project, popularizing the results of the project includes promoting the produced didactic materials and the website of the project. The developed digital tools (adapted to the newest user technologies – tablets and smartphones) are the subject of popularizing after finalizing the implementation of the project. Additionally, the partners will keep developing ideas for further cooperation.


A detailed assessment of the project’s results and effects will be carried out. Contacts with industry media and other stakeholders will be maintained. The results of the intellectual work will constitute Open Educational Resources (OER).


Furthermore, sharing the digital resources with European educational websites is planned, the purpose of which is to promote  innovative digital tools developed in various projects. We do not assume any restrictions on the use of the materials developed in the course of the project.


The common implementation of the project has resulted in the development of ideas for further common undertakings, concerned with the needs of young people, which will focus on combining the traditional methods of education with the advantages of digital communication tools. These activities will allow us to shape social and digital competences needed to build an inclusive European society. If we succeed in obtaining the necessary finances, this project will bring more results and will increase the amount of tools for young people.

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